The World of Sports in the Absence of Spectators

Quarter one of 2020 introduced the world to Covid-19 in the absence of proper warning for the potential devastation. The world leaders were forced to introduce state of emergencies with associated lock down regulations applied in most nations with the exception of one or two countries.

Like the majority of industries and human engagement; sports and large gatherings of crowds were not allowed or entertained. There were up to three months were no sporting activities took place. Not even training for athletes was allowed. Most major sporting events and tournaments were cancelled. The record books showed that it was the first time since World War II that some of these cancellations came into effect.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was probably the most notable casualty to the list of injured sporting events. This event takes place every four years unlike some of the other sporting events which are ongoing with each year passing.

There was a gradual return to training, participation and mainstream sport activities in most sporting codes. The only difference was that most of these sports took place in the absence of spectators being in the stands or close to where the action is taking place.

Sports fans responded and reflected on their displeasure regarding the new normal of no spectators at the various stadia and places of sporting activities. They were happy at least to experience the return of broadcasted sporting events of the most recent games and matches. In the absence of actual life coverage, led to the rebroadcast of some events before lockdown and even older.

New Zealand was one of the countries, which allowed spectators to be at rugby matches. This was made possible because their country was acknowledged of the most effective when it came to dealing with the pandemic and its impact on citizens. Their infections numbers and rates were the lowest of all the countries as recorded globally and the return of rugby as their national sport become a reality but with the attendance of spectators as an incentive.

The world has also witness a resurgence of the pandemic in some parts of the globe. This has raised some concerns and might impact how the world of sports will play out in 2021. Despite the uncertainty; 2020 was an excellent practice round of what might transpire in the new year.

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