The World of Corporate Social Responsibility Latest Developments

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices as captured in most literature.

We have come a long way since its early stages back in the 1950’s ad depicted in the image below on the various phases of CSR. The recent focus on global citizenship and the role mankind is playing to advance some of the key areas of development and focus.

The world of international funding and donations came under the spotlight recently as a result of the allegations of sexual abuse/assaults and of mismanagement of funds. These developments have forced investors to review their funding considerations for those and other various organisations in light of this negative publicity, globally.

Overall the entire industry is experiencing a great amount of pressure. The USA has recently withdrawn their funding for a Palestinian Refugee organisation, named UNRWA – United Nations Relief Works and Agency. The decision to withdraw the funding has been met with widespread criticism by the international community. It also placed pressure on other NGO/NPO’s who are dependent on donor funding for survival and existence.

Most non-profit organisations have to constantly review their business plans and funding methodologies to ensure that they stay current and in line with global economic changes, which usually affects them directly and indirectly.

The industry has also become more professional with skilled people in leadership positions which understand the business environment.

This handwritten Infographic is very refreshing and touches on the key considerations that businesses need to take into account when they decide to enter the space of CSR.

More importantly, how the various stakeholders will be able to benefit from such investments.

The Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations is a clear indication of some of the challenges that humanity is still faced with. The responsibility does not lie with governments or corporates, but with all the structures in society to contribute to these goals to ensure a better world for all. Non-profit organisations are integral role-players in these goals without question, but their impact can only be measured if they continue to exist with the necessary funding and support by donors and funders.

There are also various approaches for corporates to consider when they are either building a business case for CSR or strategically planning

how these CSR Initiatives will be implemented.

In Summary Herewith Four Types of Corporate Social Responsibility Types

1. Philanthropic Efforts

As an example: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

2. Environmental Conservation

Helping to reduce the impact of Global Warming and other environmental concerns.

Company Diversity and Labour Practices

Especially in the case of Employment Equity and any other discriminatory practices which are key focuses.

4. Volunteerism

Both Employees and the Public; Mandela Day is such a global event in recent years.

CSR and Strategic Sustainable Business Practices are a priority for most corporates, countries and non-profit organisations. The Sports Trust plays a role in developing future leaders, decision-makers and influencers by Enhancing Education through Sport to ensure responsible/active citizenship to enable these principles which are integral to our Mandate and Vision.

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