The Sports Trust Virtual Cycle Challenge Piketberg Press Release

Sports unusual, altered lifestyles, social distancing and lockdown regulations; these are just some of the conversations and narratives associated with Covid-19 pandemic, presently.

The Sports Trust through its mandate and focus has been involved with grassroots development of sport in the country since 1995 Included in its portfolio of projects and initiatives is the Development Cycling Programme; for aspiring cyclists based in the Western Cape. The Cycling Development Programme is co-funded by Nedbank and has been in existence since 2005. Over the years it has delivered some tangible results, champions and growth of all the cyclists’ part of the programme.

A calendar year compromises of various events, initiatives and interventions to advance the sport amongst the local communities and all the stakeholders. The Piketberg event is also a planned feature on the cycling calendar. This year; due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has unfortunately been cancelled altogether It triggered the need to look at an alternative format and led to the birth of the Virtual Challenge. Due to the importance of keeping the sport, the athletes and the community going, The Trust has decided to host its inaugural Virtual Cycling Series with Piketberg community and Development Cycling Programme, the main beneficiary of the funds generated.

The event is open to cyclists from across the globe with user-friendly, easy to navigate registration and capturing of completed times. There are also various distances to be completed by the cyclists on the planned day of 11 October 2020. Various prizes and special offers are at hand for the cyclists as they become #hero’s for charity and ultimate advancement of the sport.

Please visit our website for more information on how to be part of the event and experience this The Sports Trust Virtual Cycle Challenge Piketberg.


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