The Facebook Data Breach

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

The recent reported data breach scandal, which involved Facebook, has not only shocked the global community, but it also whipped off billions of its market value, since the news broke in mid-March 2018. An estimated 89 million users have been affected by this unprecedented data scandal as confirmed later by Facebook to be factual. One of their third party suppliers accessed millions of user personal data without the users’ permission for various questionable campaigns, causing uncertainty, panic and trust issues with Facebook. As a result of this, there are growing calls and overwhelming support by governments, industry experts and investors for the regulation of Facebook and its user data management governance processes.

The Sports Trust in its capacity as a user of the social media service, would like to assure its Facebook followers that we don’t have access to any of your personal information, which is captured on the Facebook database as per what you have registered. Our posts are directed to all our followers without any specification of demographics and other research type segmentation activities or interventions. We will continue our engagement with you primarily to share updates, interesting articles, latest developments and content related to our core business and mandate. The Sports Trust will never request or solicit that you supply us with any personal or related information for marketing purposes in principle.

Please continue to be vigilant and protect your personal information and the types of Apps you download or access with associated registration detail requirements. Scrutinise all new friend requests and be aware when tagging people in your posts. You are also advised to continue consulting other available sources on how best to protect your personal data on other social media platforms as well during this time.

Be Safe and Thank You for your ongoing support!

From The Sports Trust Team

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