The Sports Trust in Perspective

The tagline of The Sports Trust speaks about our contribution to ensure that our youth’s developmental interventions lead them on a solid structural journey so that they can become influential public figures and our future leaders in South Africa in the foreseeable future.

The Sports Trust was established after long discussions and recommendations by and with Tata Madiba and the late Minister of Sport, Mr Steve Tshwete, to incorporate sport as a vehicle to help bring about positive change and social cohesion in a country desperately in need of healing and stability.

The Trust was formed by the Founding Trustees, Stakeholders and Corporate Donors.

Its “Vision” and “Mandate” was to provide sporting infrastructure, kit and equipment and programmes aimed at developing the young people of South Africa. Ultimately, to provide hope, inspiration, aspiration, opportunities and platforms for young people to advance their sporting ambitions and dreams.

We understood this to be our contribution towards building a new and prosperous country with equal opportunities for all its citizens. It further cemented our commitment as a contributor towards the constitutional change objectives and to become a catalyst and change-enablement role-player on this journey of renewal for the rainbow nation.

Over the years The Sports Trust investments ensured that both abled and disabled persons are provided with infrastructure and sporting kit to advance their sporting aspirations. We have seen a direct correlation between sport participation and improved academic achievements by learners in the provinces. The Northern Cape in particular has seen major improvements in the academic results of their learners with marks increasing between 15-20%. It is a clear indication that in the presence of much needed infrastructure and support; learners are able to realise their full potential and more.



Principal: Clive de Jongh

School population: 385

Court used for: Physical Education, soccer & netball

Court used by: immediate school, community members (sports club structures, police department)


· improvement in learner behavior, better attendance at school, team work and leadership

· improvement in concentration span, academic improvement

· improvement in physical fitness, better health

· more involvement from educators

· Better support from parents, also involved in coaching and skills transfers

· pass rate 85%


· 1 Female tennis player (Angelique de Jongh), represented SA 5 times at international tournaments during her primary and high school careers, currently studying at Potchefstroom University 2nd year plays for 1st team

· 2 Soccer Players – played for Mamelodi Sundowns Development Team and then moved to Highlands Park 1st Team

· 2 Soccer Players (Malcolm Links and Dean Naidoo) identified to join soccer development academy in India on 4 year full scholarship

The Sports Trust’s intrinsic approach and investment considerations are based on sustainability principles. None of its investments to date have been once off, especially with regards to infrastructure and youth development programmes. Notable change can only be secured when programmes have a life-span of five years or more in some cases. The multi-purpose-sports-courts for instance are guaranteed 20 year durability investments with low maintenance, eco-friendly and not dependent on water like other similar synthetic surfaces.

Key to all multi-purpose-sports-courts investments are mass benefit and participation considerations. Five different sporting codes can be played on one of these courts, which include males and females as a prerequisite. Furthermore, each location of these courts is strategically identified or selected to ensure schools and neighbourhoods in the surrounding areas benefit from these investments.

Our corporate partners and Trustees mostly consider this form of investment because of the durability, flexibility and accessibility of diverse abilities and levels of participation. Another key success factor to these courts in the communities is the level of ownership, pride and inclusiveness indicators. None of the courts, which have been constructed have been vandalised, because of the partnership amongst the schools, the community leaders and the community members caretaking role; it helps to mitigate some of the social challenges most communities are faced with as articulated as a known narrative.

The Sports Trust Cycling Development Programme in partnership with Nedbank is one of our flagship programmes, which have been in existence since 2006. Its success can be attributed to the on-going support and commitment by Nedbank, which provides the youth from under-developed areas in the Western Cape with opportunities to participate in a sport which has been historically be perceived to be elitist. The programme caters for both young boys and girls with the intention to expose them to not only club level participation, but also regional and national events and the success to date has exceeded our expectations. The short to medium term objectives is to expand the programme to other provinces as well with discussions ongoing. We therefore encourage more corporates to consider this programme as a viable option for buy-in (pun intended).

Vuyo Mavuya (above) from Mathew Goniwe High School says that cycling has given him a platform to show his talent and helped him in his personal life and school. He can now see himself someday as being part of the SA Team.

Herewith some statistics and achievements of the Development Cycling Programme:

The Trust is cognisant of the challenges our country is faced with since the dawn of democracy. Its community cycling development races have been designed to ensure social cohesion becomes a reality in these communities and its model is used to ensure that the communities own these events and use them as platforms for similar types of interventions to ensure greater social integration and tolerance within the targeted communities.

Our model has also been shared as a case study international on how to introduce programmes with a social cohesion agenda in mind.

The Sports Trust as part of its day-to-day interventions hosts two fundraising events which are sought after by corporates and long standing partners. Its Corporate Quiz Challenge is a fun, interactive and competitive sporting trivia event, held annually at the end of October. It’s a themed event for attendees to dress up with prizes for best dressed teams and naturally, winning teams. All prizes are generously sponsored which help ease the pressure on the table sales revenue.

The Sports Trust Golf Challenge takes places annually at Sun City; the Monday after the European Tour co-sanctioned event the Nedbank Gold Challenge. Each corporate is afforded an opportunity to purchase a four-ball and have the opportunity to play like the Pro’s on the Gary Player Golf Course, the way it was set up on the last day of the Nedbank Golf Challenge.

Please visit our website to find out how you can become involved to support these events and help raise funds for sport development.

A recent addition to our offering is in the form of skate parks; similar to the ones found at the beachfront in Durban and other. These skate parks are able to attract young and old and able to provide more facilities to keep our youth off the streets and away from drugs, alcohol and gang related behaviour.

This is an open invitation to part of all the amazing, worthy and much needed programmes that we as The Sports Trust support. You are also welcome to donate in your personal capacity to ensure we provide hope, opportunities and possibilities for our feature leaders made possible by YOU.

Together we can Enhance Education through Sport for a better South Africa and our People!

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