The Sports Trust Cycling Club Newsletter - Edition #4

Zaida Davids conquers First Aid

Congratulations to Educator Zaida Davids from Beacon Hill high school on passing your level 1 First Aid Course.

The first aid course level 1 was open to all educators, Thank you Zaida for taking the opportunity on up skilling yourself, I’m sure this qualification will be a big help to your cycling program at Beacon Hill High School.

This course and many others offered by WP Cycling will definitely benefit all the Educators who are part of the cycling programme as you will have the correct knowledge in terms of assisting your cyclists in the event of an accident.

For course bookings and more information please contact Brent Williams from The Sports Trust on

Educator Zaida Davids on the left with her level 1 First Aid Certificate.

Fort Ikapa Race

The Sports Trust Cycling team took part in a very exciting day of racing. The day was very windy but the cyclists worked very hard to produce great results

Average speeds around the circuit were very impressive. Impressive results all-round from the team. Great riding by Zahier Kammies and Khanya Yenani which saw them coming in the top 10 in their age groups.

Well done on a great team performance

Killarny Youth Festival

This event forms part of the WP Road Racing League 2019. Killarny marks a big day on the cycling calender which saw The Sport Trust Cycling team in high spirits to give their best.

The ST worked very hard on the day which saw some very impressive results on the day. Well done to Sisipho Willy on a top 10 finish and Denver Isaacs who came 4th in Cat 3.

Upcoming Events 2019

 16th June Ottery Crit, CT Gaints

 7th July Paardeberg, Road race, WP Cycling

 28th July Killarney Circuit WP Cycling

 8th September Beacon Hill Community race, Road race

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