The Lessons Learned from Covid 19

The uninvited guest, the unhappy individual, the angry in-laws; irrespective how you decide to frame or label Covid-19, it arrived unannounced and created devastation across the globe. Despite all the challenges, the adjustments, introspection and the altered life-styles, there have some positives and learnings for people based on their personal experiences. This blog reflects some of the experiences of The Sports Trust Team; it encapsulates an expression by each of the Team Members since the start of lockdown.

Employee Contribution

· Humans causing damage to the planet; in return the planet forced humans to isolate from each other in order to heal itself; just look at pollution levels having dropped around the world during this time

· Forcing us to realize life is more important than worldly things; at the expense of crippling economies, people starving, job losses etc, but it made us human again, to care about the people who are experiencing hardship

· Quality versus quantity, forcing families to mend brokenness, spending time with loved ones, doing the little things again that matters most, etc. Learning that emotional & mentally wellness is equally important to physical

· Evolution is necessary & inevitable to meet the demands of future generations, which unfortunately will still benefit the minority as the majority of humans are still poor & the resources are still inaccessible

Employee Contribution

· 2020 will definitely be a year to remember; as one that has significantly changed our lives and had a devastating impacts on us the entire world over

· My personal experience of this whole ordeal in lockdown was that my family, friends and work colleagues were still there to support me at a distance “online”, and I was truly grateful to be able to connect even though we were home bound

· Who would have thought that toilet paper would be in so much demand and that we would be prohibited from having alcohol or allowed to smoke. Luckily I am not reliant on those luxury items, but did savour a G&T

· On the Flip Side, it gave us a true insight into the devastating effect that it had on those less fortunate, lack of food, lack of income, and the huge death toll that kept climbing day after day

Employee Contribution

· Covid -19 allowed us to realise that slowing life down is important.

· Making time to exercise was something I really enjoyed

· Virtual cooking video’s & video calls with family became something we cherished

· Spending time with my partner was also really special.

Employee Contribution

· Missing the family – not being able to visit them during this time. This also allowed me to spend more quality time with my son

· Spending more time on focusing on myself with personal care, mind and body. PS. I completed the Comrades Virtual run and I am now venturing on my natural hair journey

· New skill – I spent more time in the kitchen cooking, I now cook every day at home for my family (me and my son). Delicious and nutritious meals

· Definitely adapting with the times as everything is now going digital

Employee Contribution

· How to use technology effectively and save costs for meetings

· Life has no guarantees; things may change to destabilize the way of living without preparing you for plan “B”

· Appreciation of friends and family

· Importance of choosing one’s career wisely

Employee Contribution

· Tolerance: We had to learn to be tolerant within our daily lives and that included the immediate family we were in lockdown with

· Creativity: creativity had to be taken to the extreme to enable us to survive lockdown. This took the form of cooking, hobbies, gardening and whatever your particular interest was at the time

· Flexibility: We had to learn to be flexible in terms of how quickly freedom can be changed or taken away as daily habits changed i.e. shopping, travelling, freedom etc

· Roles in the daily lives: it became evident that there were no longer defined roles in our daily lives. This ranged from who was the breadwinner in the home, who was the “home executive,” did Cooking, shopping, washing, (domestic chores) to who became the “head of the home”. The role of the youngsters was also changed and there were no longer boundaries as to who did what in daily lives

Employee Contribution

- Digital media went through a revolution. The importance of social media and the survival of businesses through digital platform were realised

- The ideology of working from the confines of the office space were broken and the world would come to realise that people’s abilities to work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection and strong internet were recognised with Twitter and other massive companies moving towards an intra-home and office work environment

- Working from home increased my productivity levels immensely as all my concentration was focussed on my work without multiple distractions throughout

- The system of working from home for two days and three days at office was perfect as a sustainable business model as we got time to split up the work and still have time to spend with our families

Employee Contribution

· Introspection - People were afforded opportunities to spend a great deal of time doing introspection, and analysing their current state of mind, present moment emotions, thinking and understanding

· Review of Values - The lockdown also led to the review of my personal values; regarding the things we attached value to and rate them in accordance of importance and priorities

· Physical and Mental Health - Movement was restricted at first and affected any physical activities of people across the globe. There have been instances of people committing suicide as a result of the uncertainties, the social distancing and isolation.

It is clear from the above contributions and reflections by The Sports Trust Team members, that, there are similarities, but also clear that they are not the same in nature. This is just a snap shot of a small audience, which can also be translated as representative of what many people are experiencing in all corners of the world. Covid-19 as outlined by the Team had some positive spin-offs and benefits for people in general. There has been an increase in the quality instead of quantity of how people approach their lives. Sense-making, adjustments, being agile and able to adapt to these new challenges all played out in this new chapter in the life-cycle of all people; irrespective of their location and place of residence.

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