The Sports Trust Cycling Club Newsletter - Edition #3 2019

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Red Hill Road Race – WP Road Racing League @ Perdekloof

Club 100 hosted the South Peninsula race for a second year after great success last year. This race has it all; A major climb, fast downhills and deceptive flats

Well done to Vuyolwethu Nkomo for showing great determination on the day. His hard work got him coming in at 8th place. Well done Champion

Understanding the basics of Bike Gears

There are five main parts of the standard bicycle that let you shift gears and change how easy it is to pedal your bike. They are comprised of the following:

· Chainrings: Bikes have one, two or three front chainrings, also known as the crankset. A bike with two chainrings is called a double. A bike with three chainrings is called a triple. Each chainring has a number of teeth on it where the chain connects.

Cassette: Your bike’s rear cassette is the stack of cogs (gears) mounted on the right-hand side of your rear wheel, with the small cog farthest from the wheel and the large cog closest to the wheel. Each cog has a number of teeth on it where the chain connects.

Chain: The chain connects to the teeth on your front chainrings and the cogs on your rear cassette so that when you pedal, the chainrings and cogs turn the wheels and the bike moves forward.

Derailleurs move the chain between the front chainrings or between the rear cogs. Cables run from your shifters to your derailleurs. When you press on your shifter, it moves your front or rear derailleur so the chain moves where you want it to go.

Shifters let you move the chain between your front chainrings and the cogs of your bike’s rear cassette. Each shifter controls one cable attached to one derailleur

2019 PPA Sportive #4

The Sports Trust Cycling Club and The Sports Trust Junior team took part in the 91 km & 38 km PPA Sportive cycling race.

The team did very well on the day, with great results being achieved.

The ST junior team have been hard at work and got an opportunity to enter in their first PPA Sportive race. The junior team focused on team work with the help of their mentor Charles Joseph. We would like to encourage all juniors to train hard.

Upcoming Events 2019

· 19th May Fort iKapa, WP Cycling, Criterium,

· 26th May Youth Day Festival Killarney, WP Cycling Circuit

· 2 June Slanghoek Road Race, WP Cycling,

· 8th June De Doorns Community race, Road race

· 8th September Beacon Hill Community race, Road race

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