New Beginnings

2020 is probably the year that most people would like to forget as the most challenging on so many levels. It was unforgiving and unapologetic; affecting people irrespective of their position, social standing or financial disposition.

The commencement of this New Year is an opportunity for people to plan, visualise and set in motion interventions to have a better year compared to the one just completed. Although these resolutions are personal, some of them are shared with loved ones or people close to the individual. The popularity and options of social media has also come into play where people share their resolutions with people in their networks.

Although Covid-19 resurfaced in most parts of the world; it’s probably the one wish that the majority of people would like to add to their list is to find a cure or a vaccine to help curb the devastation as caused by the pandemic in 2020.

The pandemic altered the manner in which people approached life in general. More people are working from home and no longer travelling to work. This adjustment led to people having to balance their living conditions and surroundings; whilst providing for their family and loved ones at home and still working. It will most definitely be something, which will be further explored in the new year and also amended to ensure better mastery and efficiency going forward.

Resolutions are intended for the betterment of the previous years’ experience and areas of improvements as identified by individuals. People normally express their drive to manage their weight better, be more active, and improve their diets and also to change careers or try something new and different to what they have been exposed to previously.

Most the resolutions are active for the first 2-3 months; thereafter people revert back to their old ways of going about their lives.

One of the reasons why some of these resolutions don’t last beyond the first quarter is due to maybe setting unrealistic goals and objectives. These unrealistic goals are difficult to sustain and inconsistently applied for the individuals as witnessed.

Despite all this; Make the Most of the Year ahead and capitalise on all the opportunities on offer to be a better you.

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