Holistic Wellbeing – Mental and Physical Health

There has been an increase in the awareness, take-up and prominence of maintaining a holistic lifestyle and wellbeing for people as witnessed.

The global lockdown was a catalyst to harness the realisation and the importance of being both mentally and physically strong and healthy. Included where mechanisms to weather the storm and navigate the uncertainty obstacles, to ensure survival.

In the initial stages, physical activity was not possible for the majority of people due to the strict regulations, protocols and the differences in living conditions. The majority of people, under lockdown, with no real outdoor yard, or outer living spaces, where the hardest hit during this time. Especially, the ones living in the informal settlements in the country.

Coping with the restricted movement and associated obstacles, were identified as some of the challenges people were battling with, during lockdown. Including, the uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic, and no real physical activities resulted in people being affected mentally and physically.

Exercise of the mind requires the same attention and dedication as exercise of the body. Eventually, to ensure holistic wellbeing of individuals, as a platform for improvement and betterment going forward.

The pandemic has led to numerous suicide incidents; people have been struggling to cope with the pressures of social isolation, no human engagement and contact due to lockdown regulations and protocols initiated.

The importance of mental health was propelled into the spotlight and how best to cope under strenuous conditions and uncertainty.Overall, mental health and mental wellbeing are not topics, which are openly discussed, debated or reported in the public domain in most communities.Some people might experience mental breakdowns, meltdowns and trauma, but are unable to articulate or express their experiences, because of the lack of knowledge and understanding the health situation they are experiencing.

With the easing and lifting of lockdown restrictions; it became evident the increase in numbers of people being active, outside on the roads in an attempt to restore their physical balance and appearance. The huge numbers are also an indication of the importance people are placing on their physical wellbeing and health standing.

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