HIV During the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19, the virus without borders and discrimination as it has been described, caught everyone off guard and appeared within the blind spot of citizens across the globe. The losses to economies and human fatalities will be felt for years to come. It underpinned the importance of healthy living and self care.

During the early days of the pandemic, it was reported that people with health preconditions are more likely to succumb to the virus. More specifically, diabetic sufferers and people who are HIV positive are prone to be affected by the pandemic. This created a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty amongst leaders, medical practitioners and the actual patients.

There were mentions that antiretrovirals are possible options to consider in helping to ease the uncertainty regarding the best medicine available to reduce the impact of the pandemic on mankind.

South Africa has made some major advancement in the fight against the HI-Virus over the years, with the one of the best antiretroviral programmes in the world.Also the highest number of people on the programme to provide dignity and longer quality of life for those affected and infected by the virus.The country has successfully applied its learnings of dealing with HIV to the current challenges associated with Covid-19 pandemic

Neither of these viruses have vaccines at present, but there are certain protocols, measures and guidelines in place to curb the spread of the deceases. Covid-19 is still in infant stage with regards to the knowledge, the data, the behaviour of the virus and the insights to develop an effective vaccine.

Unlike the stigma and discrimination, which were levelled at HIV infected people; Covid-19 was less discriminatory because the spread was less associated with behaviour than opportunistic circumstances.

In the area of HIV there have been various medications developed to help curb the spread, to fast track a better life and healthy living and to restore hope, dignity and respect of the affected individuals.

The challenge with Covid-19 is re-infections and the resurface of the virus due to the change in weather cycles across the globe. The leading experts in health has articulated that both these viruses should not be approached, treated and managed as Us and Them, but all of Us Together to fight the devastation.

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