Giving With or Without a Camera

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

There is an ongoing debate around whether the charitable giving of food parcels and hampers to people, should be accompanied by a camera to capture the moment.

The ones against the capturing action are of the opinion that giving does not warrant publicity and fun faire...It should be a selfless act, which does not require recognition or public mention. This argument might hold for some private philanthropist, but in the new era of social media reality, it makes sense to create awareness around the giving action.

By publicising the cause that one is supporting, you creating greater awareness of the plight of those affected. It’s important to ensure you reach a wider audience to solicit the most appropriate and impactful response. More people will know about the cause and might be able to support as well.

The Covid-19 pandemic, has altered and changed the life’s’ of countless people, the globe over. More people are in dire positions now, than before the outbreak of the pandemic.

So, is there a right and a wrong way to create awareness? Not really, at this stage all causes are worthy of support and the wider the reach, the better for people to take action and become involved.

Instead of judging the one’s with the camera to capture the moment of giving, rather ask yourself who I can become involved to make a difference.

The art of giving is contagious...ideally we need to arrive at a place where giving becomes a sustainable action to ensure meaningful and tangible change for the beneficiaries.

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