Celebrating Women in Sport After Giving Birth

Celebrating Women; especially mothers in sport is something, which The Sports Trust is passionate about. We understand the challenges of being professional sportswomen, a mother and a business person.

In recent years we witnessed the increase in professional female athletes who return to competing in sport after the birth of a child. It might have happened in previous generations as well but with the increase of social media and the renewed focus on women in sport; there was more airtime given to motherhood and sports.

We are celebrating Mother’s Day in May; hence our dedication to all Mothers and more specifically mothers in sport that are still competing after having given birth.

It is clear that a women’s body undergo major changes and transformations when pregnant and giving birth. This in fact has an impact on how they function during pregnancy and beyond. From the interviews by athletes such as Serena Williams it is clear that their performance after pregnancy is different to before giving birth.

Women have come a long way in shattering the myths that we are the fairer and weaker sex. What better way to illustrate this than to share stories of female athletes who pushed boundaries by competing in their sports while pregnant.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams recently created a lot of buzz when it was revealed that she was two months pregnant when she won the Australian Open competition in January 2017. The 35-year old gave an impressively dominant performance, not losing a single set during the entire tournament. She won against her sister Venus Williams with a score of 6-4, 6-4 in the final.

To all the Mothers; we would like to wish you the best day yet as celebrate Mother’s Day. Thank you for the selfless sacrifices that you made for the betterment of mankind.

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