Celebrating Our Sporting Heroes for Freedom Day Month

They might no longer be in the spotlight; but they are surely not forgotten. How does one ensure that we don’t lose the expertise, insights and wisdom of the people who have already achieved sporting greatness on global stage and international levels? In short, you celebrate them; give them the recognition and accolades that they deserve. Keep their achievements, milestones and the differences they have made, alive beyond the sporting code they participated in and achieved their legacy status.

Which sporting hero is top of mind for you? Which one stood out and what was their achievement/s?

In South Africa we celebrate Freedom Day, 27 April each year. The month will be dedicated to our sporting heroes who reached the top level in their profession and made a difference to advance and promote sports to communities and people who have previously been excluded from participation or more so, attend sporting events.

We all know that the career of sporting people have a defined timeline and shelf life. Most sporting heroes or personalities are able to extend their careers beyond sport into the business world or the sporting arena as coaches or advisors. The unfortunate reality is that some are not so fortunate and struggle to maintain their livelihood after their sporting careers have ended.

The list below is a random list of some of the sporting heroes of then and now. The source from where the list was populated is Wikipedia. No formula or criteria; it was merely a random selection in support of the topic and theme for the blog.


It is important that the youth get to know these sporting heroes and learn from their tactile experiences. Ultimately, we would like to have a database of the heroes and keep their narrative alive to ensure they remain on the radar and not forgotten.

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