Are we failing our Youth?

The month of June has been dedicated to the youngsters who stood up against an oppressive regime. The memories, the pain and the audacity of those few brave people will always stand out as one of the defining moments in the history of South Africa.

What has happened since? What has become of those Youth’s selfless" act to bring about change? To become a voice of the voiceless and to act with the intention to have some outcome to address the might of the oppression. The world we live in today is very different compared to what those youngsters experienced; and with that, brings along a completely new set of challenges.

With a mixture of the century old challenges faced by young people. Unemployment, underage alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and bullying; just to name a few. One can clearly say that a nation that neglects its youth is compromising the future of the country.

Every intervention aimed at developing, advancing and promoting the interest of the youth should be applauded, encouraged and prioritised.

The Sports Trust, a NPO, PBO and Trust, continues to “enhance education through sport” together with its stakeholders and Trustees, in support of the youth in the communities in which we work. One of the longest standing projects, namely, the Nedbank Sports Trust Development cycling programme, is testament to this. For the past seventeen years, in the Western Cape, this programme has had a positive impact on the lives of the youth through the ongoing support of the dedicated team and valued corporate and government partnerships.

This programme has guided the youth to realise their full potential as future leaders and upstanding citizens, as well as instilling discipline, respect and responsibility in their communities. It has ensured that they have been able to secure educational opportunities to study and follow their chosen career paths, which is essential to creating a better South Africa for our youth today.

What have you done recently to protect the future of the country by investing in our Youth?

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