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The Presidency has made a special employment stimulus programme available to the Sports sector to disburse via The Sports Trust. The Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP) is geared towards employment creation and retention initiatives aimed at sporting persons within the sector.

The Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme is a five-month injection and has to be concluded by 31 March 2021.
How is The Sports Trust disbursing the PESP?

The Sports Trust is disbursing funding by focusing on the retention of Staff Subsidy as employed by the Sporting Federations/Bodies/Members of SSCN/Gym and Fitness Centres. All applications must be channelled through the respective Sports and Recreation Bodies (affiliated to SASCOC, Boxing SA and SAIDS, Members of SSCN, including Gym and Fitness Centres).

Closing date: 20 November 2020

Applications to be submitted to the Sporting Federation/Body/Members of SSCN/Gym and Fitness Centres and in compliance with the criteria and requirements as outlined in the Annexure. The Sports Trust is also responsible for the review of applications by means of the adjudication panel which is in place for adjudication.

Who can Apply:

  1. Affiliated Members(National, Provincial & Local) of SASCOC

  2. Sports Bodies: Boxing SA & South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport

  3. Members of Sport For Social Change Network (SSCN)

  4. Gym and Fitness Centres


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